Saturday, June 6, 2015


This quilt was started in 2005, but then life happened -- our daughter had a very serious health issue.  A lot of my time was spent helping with the care of our grandchilren, who were four and nine at the time.  The quilt, "Merry-go-round", was pushed to the back of the priority list.  I decided at the first of 2015 that this was the year to finish it.
The top was rotary cut and fussy cut by hand, machine pieced, paper pieced using hand piecing techniques, hand appliqued, and hand quilted every half inch.

I loved every step of the way -- from fussy cutting the motifs to produce secondary designs down to the last hand-quilting stitch.
 The statistics:
The quilt is 67"x 67" square and has 40 whole blocks, 16 half blocks, and 4 quarter blocks.
100 sashing strips with 61 corner squares
Contains 1675 pieces
250+ different fabrics
Way over 1000 total hours spent over a period of ten years
Innumerable lessons of patience and perseverance
The most fun ever playing with fabric!!

Since I finished the quilt a couple of weeks ago, I have spent some time revamping this blog.  I have added tabs below the header to make it easy to find pictures, information, etc. about my quilting life. I have been quilting for 65 years, and it was time to get organized!
Hope you enjoy this revamped blog; and I would love to have you visit my lifestyle blog, Salmagundi (click here).

I will be joining Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it Friday


bj said...

OOO, Sally girl...this is such a work of art, I have no words.
It is so outstanding and totally stunning. What beautiful work......

apple slice said...

you are amazing. congratulations on this awesome finish. take a break and enjoy!!

Ann said...

Don't you love it when it's still gorgeous 10 years later! Congratulations on a beautiful finish.

Karen H said...

Lovely quilt, what a great finish!

wish2stitch said...

No matter what twists and turns life takes, quilting is always there in the background ready for the time we pick it up again. So glad you finished your beautiful quilt. I have just started quilting a project that has taken nine years to hand piece. It has been in and out of the cupboard too many times to remember, but....I'm nearly there. No matter how long it takes, it still gives us joy.

Beatrice said...

Congratulations on finishing! It's awesome!

Kathleen RosePrairieQuilts said...

Sometimes like you I just enjoy the progess of making a quilts it doesn't really matter how long it take. Yours well worth the time, what a lovely quilt

Mary Maloney said...

Time well spent!

Kim Totten said...

OMG! It's just lovely! You must be so proud! Good for you!

Have a Daily said...

Again I just say, WOW!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I missed this one the other day. That's absolutely gorgeous. An heirloom to use a little and pass on.