Tuesday, May 16, 2017

PERILS OF PAULINE or is it just a PITIFUL PEARL pillow?

I'm still at it ---- trying to transition from a machine piecing, hand quilting, hand appliqueing quilter to an all machine quilter.  Due to failing eyesight and arthritic fingers, I can't just give up the quilting that has been a part of my life since I was 11 years old.

I decided I needed to practice on some machine applique, so I've been working on a pillow.  I chose an applique technique that uses interfacing to finish the seams then is zigzagged on the background squares.  

I'm okay with my choice of fabrics and the design; but, frankly, my workmanship sucks!  I found this technique tedious and difficult turning all those small leaves.  However, I slogged through all 42 pieces.
My points are not very good, the zigzag is uneven, and the applique placement is sometimes wonky.  By the time, I got to the machine quilting, I was so over this project.  Therefore, I wasn't as careful as I should have been with the stitching.

I have a feeling that this pillow will soon be demoted from a house pillow to a porch pillow.

In the meantime, I need to find another method to machine applique and then practice, practice, practice.

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Cathy Melancon said...

Dear Pauline! So sorry to hear of your perils! Your pillow is GORGEOUS!!! I found your site from Sew Fresh Quilt's Let's Bee Social. You did a beautiful job and shouldn't be so critical! Turning the fabric while doing machine applique is super hard with all those teeny pieces!! So, cut yourself some slack, my dear! Your pillow is really pretty!!!

Mari said...

I think the pillow is lovely and will be great on the porch. The colors are fantastic. I've been there with the interfacing applique method, which I didn't find useful either. Have you tried freezer paper applique? You still turn under the edges of the pieces, but it looks more like needle turn and gives better results. I think so, anyway! Just like anything, you have to try a bunch of methods before finding the right one.

Shauna said...

I'm so sorry you had troubles, but I'm sure if you keep trying you will find something that works. Unfortunately I can't recommend anything because applique scares me silly.

Małgorzata Kreft said...

Beautiful pillow. I like it very much!

carolyn said...

Hey, if you don't want it, I'll take it. Love it, good job.

hetty said...

Sorry to hear of your perils. But I love your pillow. As soon as I saw it I thought of making one for my porch. You did a fantastic job!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

And here I am looking at your pretty pillow and thinking that I should make one! There's really nothing wrong with it when you look at the whole pillow.
As for the little bobbles, we all have some of those. Just don't focus on them! Look at the big picture instead...the pillow is pretty and purposeful and wonderful practice for this technique. If you try other techniques, you'll find one that works better for you and tht you'll love, but it takes time and lots (no, LOTS) of practice.
Your colors, BTW, are fantastic together. If I were going to use this design, I'd use fusible web to hold the pieces in place and then zigzag around the pieces. Forget needle-turn for me! I love raw-edge applique for its ease and speed, but to each her own.
Email me if I can help with raw-edge applique questions or zigzag stitching. I'm guessing I can help a bit at least. Love your pillow!

Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

As soon as I saw your pillow I thought I would love to make a pillow like that! I think you did a great job. I hope you find a technique that you like - I think you are so creative! Thanks for sharing on MCM!

Theresa Morgan said...

You're toooooo hard on yourself.......I fell in love with it the instant I saw it!!!!
I bought some templates from Leah Day and the leaf was in there......I keep saying I'm going to make something??? You have inspired me to do a pillow..... Now chin up and keep smilin n sewing.........Blessed weekend