Saturday, June 30, 2012


I haven't quilted much in the last five years due to the expense, plus the inability of my arthritic fingers to function well.  My favorite part of quilting was always the hand-quilting part, and that has become quite a chore to accomplish. 
The daughter of close friends is getting married in Peru, and since I have a new machine; I decided to make her a small quilt as a wedding present.  This was my very first machine-quilting effort.
Years ago, I made a quilt like this with the 'flying geese' on the diagonal.  This is a smaller version at 28" x 28" named Flight #2.
 In the old days, I think I could have hand quilted this in the same time it took me to machine quilt this one.
Time will tell if I attempt another machine quilted piece - it wasn't near as fun as hand quilting!