Classes, etc.

I appreciate your inquiries about my classes, lectures, and programs.  But, I'm retired and plan to remain so.  Unless, of course, you can offer George Clooney to be my personal driver, quilt and book slepper, computer/audio/visual technician, stage assistant, etc.
My kudos to those quiltmakers who continue, year in and year out, to teach and travel to share the art of quiltmaking.  It is hard work, and can be physically exhausting and mentally draining.  Thirty-five years was enough for me. In years past, this page would be filled with the classes, lectures, and programs that I offered.  But no more -- unless I find George at my doorstep with a honorarium check for $1 million; I would rather stay home and quilt.

Thank you to all of my former students--young, old, or in between--you have enriched my life immensely.


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