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Most of my adult life I have satisfied my creative urges by making traditional quilts out of cotton fabric which involved design work for publications, teaching, traveling, and writing books.  In our retirement years, quiltmaking at my previous pace became too expensive and my collection of over 100 quilts became a storage nightmare.  So, I have begun to think about other ways to satisfy my creative urges and use my skills learned from years of making quilts.  I began to make small quilt-bits out of paper and to explore applique using recycled wool fabric.  After years of hand quilting, arthritis and failure of eyesight are a problem.  My sightline to my machine seems to still be doable, so I'm trying embrace machine quilting.

My main blog is Salmagundi, a journal about our family lifestyle.  On it, I blog regularly about our home, heritage, and activities.  My husband, Bob and I have been married for 61 years and have lived most of our lives in beautiful Colorado.  We have two grown children:  Michael, a high school teacher, and Jennifer, the mother of our two grandchildren, Caitlin and Wyatt.

This blog, Q-Bits, chronicles my quilt life.  Hopefully there will be something that you will enjoy perusing.

Sally Saulmon

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Zenia Rene said...

Lovely story. Thanks for sharing.