Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The theme this week at Val's Quilting Studio for Tuesday Archives is Memory Quilts.
It's no secret that I love signature quilts that evoke memories of past events.

I've organized signature quilts for quilt symposiums, for gifts of friends leaving the area, and several "just because"!

 I even wrote a book on the subject.  It is 'out of print' but still available on Amazon, if you are interested.  There are many more quilts, patterns, and tips in the book.

I cherish every one of the signature quilts in my possession --- so many memories of people, places, and events.

Be sure to check out Val's Quilting Studio for more memory quilts.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


My time is going to be filled next week with Christmas decorating.  But, that doesn't keep my mind from thinking about quilting.
When I picked up my sewing machine from the repair shop within the quilt store in Colorado Springs, I had only a few minutes to browse.  These fat quarters caught my eye.  I don't think they are particularly new, but red and blue are always my favorites.  I knew that they needed to be in my stash, so I bought them --- just added them to the repair bill to compensate for pain and suffering!
Now, I can't stop thinking about what to do with them ---- I'm thinking maybe something with white stars ---- time will tell.

Also, I need to start working on a table runner for a Christmas present.  In a quick pull from the scrap bins, these fabrics surfaced this morning.
I need to get at least one tree up, then maybe I can sew for an hour or two.

Stay tuned!

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Sunday, November 13, 2016


It's our daughter's birthday; and since I hadn't
 made her a table runner, I decided to whip one up this week for her.
She loves the rustic, western look; and has lots of neat cowboy collectibles --- many from our family's heritage.

The court house steps block is always an easy, go-to pattern; and I thought the pattern would be apropos.  She was adopted, and we brought her home at three weeks of age from the local courthouse!!!!   I made my first parenting mistake with her on those courthouse steps.  I thought I knew everything about parenting then as we already had a four-year-old; and no child of mine was going to have a pacifier.  So, as we walked out on those steps there was a trash barrel; and I threw her pacifier right out of her mouth and into that trash barrel.  Regret, regret ------ she became a dedicated thumb sucker, and consequently endured 10 years of orthodontics.  I learned my lesson, and our grandchildren had no complaints from me about their pacifiers. 
All of the fabrics are from my scraps/stash.  I finished it up with some wavy machine quilting using a variegated thread.
Easy, peasy ---- hope she likes it.
Happy Birthday, Jenni!  Birthday cake and presents today, then in three weeks we will celebrate Adoption Day with dinner.  It was such a special experience -- we celebrate twice.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016


I've been struggling big time with my 3-year old sewing machine for about two months now.  It must be out of kilter in some way --- at least it is not in tune with MY kilter.  I've been so frustrated at times!  My machine store charges $100 to even look at it, which has not been in my budget.
It is now to the point, however, that I can't even sew one inch without trouble. 
 So, I'm making an appointment with the guru to look at it.

In the past 60 years there hasn't hardly been a day when I haven't sewn something.  I would give up my stove, dishwasher, and every kitchen appliance on the planet for my sewing machine.  It is attached to me like another arm!

It's a good thing that I'm not without a backup -----
This is my mother's Singer Featherweight. 

I had forgotten just how wonderful and simple an old straight-sewing machine is.  This one sews like a dream with such a beautiful stitch.

Before my new machine, I wore out two machines that I had purchased in the 1950s and 1960s (one a straight-sewer and one a zig-zag).  My grandfather, the sewing-machine store owner/guru, sold them to me and taught me how to service and maintain them myself.  I would still be using them, but could no longer find replacement parts.  
That's when I bought the high-maintenance; plastic; computer-infused; expensive taste in thread; over-gadgeted thing they call a sewing machine these days.
Don't mind me --- I'm just frustrated and pining for the 'good old days'.
Since I'm doing some simple piecing, I'm off to enjoy sewing on the Featherweight.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I made a Lone Star quilt ONCE back in 1982.  I took a class back then from the wonderful Blanche Young -- she was a great teacher and a pioneer in strip piecing techniques.  Unfortunately, my quilt did not measure up to her beautiful class samples.  My piecing was OK; but, oh! my fabric choices were so bad.

Lone Star, 1982, Machine pieced, hand quilted

When my grandmother saw this quilt, she said, "That's the ugliest quilt I've ever seen."  She was never at a loss for words!  I have to agree with her sentiment.
This is not a very good photo.  The quilt is still around here somewhere hidden in my stacks. So I could dig it out and take a better photo, but I don't think it is worth the effort.  Let sleeping dogs lie.

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