Friday, July 17, 2015


I've had another week of busyness, but not much accomplished.

1.  I did manage to get my 'bright' quilt basted for quilting.  I worked on it last night for a little while, but couldn't get into a rhythm -- that happens to me sometimes when I haven't hand-quilted for a couple of months.  I'll try again tonight.
It has been suggested that I name this quilt 'Fireworks' or 'Fireworks through a Window'.  I like the idea.

2.  Lists and more lists -- I will hang my quilt show in three weeks.  So there are piles of quilts, etc. all over the house.  I'm NOT a procrastinator, which can be a detriment sometimes.  I'm always ready toooooooo early, so we live with piles and lists!
 3.  I can't help myself -- I'm thinking about a new project.  Starting to pull out fabrics from the scrap stash to determine a color plan.
Hopefully, this urge to start something new will pass.

Is anybody else spinning their wheels, too?

I'm joining the following:

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Scooquilt said...

Good luck on your quilt show, but sounnds like you have everything under control! Yes, we're in hot weather here and I'm not working much in my upstairs studio. Cut scaps, went through magazines, did blog posts, anything to stay cool!

Bonnie said...

I'm impressed with you being done early, said the procrastinator. When you start thinking about a new quilt are you designing your own or using a pattern from some source and then adding your own details? Just curious. I find I generally follow some pattern. I'm wondering when I'll break out in my own creativity? Nice post.