Thursday, August 6, 2015


Over the years I have curated and/or hung quite a few quilt shows.  This has been the most challenging -- simply because there are no hanging devises in place that are conducive to displaying quilts, plus instructions that I was not to put any holes in the walls.  So, I have planned and planned and hope all goes well.
I was concerned that we would even be able to transport everything in our compact SUV the 100 miles necessary, but we had room to spare.  There are eight large tubs containing 37 quilts, 2 tool totes, hanging sticks and cardboard, etc. etc.
Ready to hit the road, and hope I didn't forget anything!!!

From a previous trip to scope out the venue, I knew this was what to expect (minus the displayed artwork).
When a gallery is not designed to hang quilts, here are some ideas.
  On the left below are my lifesavers when hanging if the venue has suspended ceilings.  These hooks clip into the cross bars of the ceiling, and quilts can then be hung with fishing line attached to poles through a hanging tube on the quilt.  I don't remember where I secured these clips 25 years ago, but I think they are still available as I'm told teachers use them in their classrooms for display.  Binder clips aren't the most pleasing aesthetically, but useful to attach quilts to the front of ledges.  If you can find bulldog clips thick enough, they look better.  And, finally cardboard cut to size of the small quilts; t-pinned; and then they are able to rest supported on ledges and easels.
The two quilts, left below, are hung from the ceiling.  The picture on the right below show two quilts clipped to the ledges, and a quilt mounted on cardboard suspended between the two ledges.
I had done a lot of preplanning, so the actual installation only took about three hours for 37 quilts in the two rooms of the gallery.
We go back tomorrow night for the opening reception.  I already know of a couple of small changes I'll make before we open.  It's hard for me to ever be satisfied!!!!!  I'm sure you know how it is with color-sensitive quilt people.  For instance, that orange/green quilt above HAS to be moved and exchanged with another quilt.  Oh, well!

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Anonymous said...

What wonderful quilts! Thanks for the inside look at quilt hanging. I always go and see them hung and never thought about what goes into it!

Rebecca Grace said...

Wow -- when I saw the picture of the room and read the "no permanent holes" rule, I had no idea how you would cope with that unless you brought in those old fashioned free-standing chalkboards and draped the quilts over them. Very ingenious, and the resulting display looks very professional. Hope you have a great show!

Bonnie said...

Great job hanging these quilts. What a challenge it must be to hang without making any holes in the walls. Do you ever use the Command products by 3M?

Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

It looks like you have a great display. I've never hung quilts (except in my house) and never thought about the planning that goes into displaying quilts. You've done a great job! Thanks for linking up to Main Crush Monday! :)