Wednesday, March 9, 2016


One of my goals for 2016 is to conquer the 125-year's worth of photos I've been entrusted with for the next generation.  
I have 15 of these large media boxes, plus 10 years of photo files on my computer that need to be reorganized.  
This year I'm committed to accomplish some sort of order.  BUT, if I work on them too long, I go batty and buggy-eyed!

I NEEDED A DIVERSION.  So I've decided that I will work on the photos one week, then alternate a week working on sorting out my fabric scraps.
I've been quilting seriously since 1976 -- that's a lot of scraps.  I have some organization with most of the scraps sorted as to color in bins; but many fabrics have gone astray and found a home in the wrong bin. 
I need to go through every bin, refold, sort, etc. etc.  

For a someone who loves fabric, this can be more fun than looking at photos.  Once again, however, the problem is focus.  NOW I HAVE ANOTHER DIVERSION -- when I see a particularly enchanting fabric that would benefit from fussy cutting, I cut four half-square triangles.  Then at the end of the day, I sew up a couple of 4-inch medallion blocks. It takes eight half-square triangles to sew a medallion, plus some colorful fabric to contain the square since the half-square triangles are often cut on the bias. 
Is this the start of a new quilt?

Now this week I'm back on the photos.  (But, I just want to make little medallions!)
Focus, Sally, Focus.

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Tammy Stack said...

love those little medallions...

stitchinpenny said...

We scanned and organized a much smaller group of photos. We worked with about 2000 photos and scanned and sorted by person and family. That takes a long time especially when there are brothers and sisters that look very much alike and are very close in age. It is worth it, but there is no way for us to print the whole collection as one of the younger generation suggested. We looked at the cost and although no outrageous, it is also not cheap. We looked at photo books and even organized a 100 page book, but it left out some of the best photos and ended up costing over $100 a copy. Not a gift for all 30 nieces and nephews by any means.

Curly said...

I love the little medallions. Did you use reproduction fabrics? I love playing around with blocks. Even if you don't have a plan yet, you may later.

Paige said...

When I saw your medallions, they reminded me of the 4-patch swirl blocks that were popular awhile back. I love your blocks! I need to tackle pictures also, just seems to daunting to try!

Theresa Morgan said...

Oh! I felt the same way Paige did about the 4-Patch look...
I had to study it for a minute, I have to admit. I surely love the concept of it.
This would make a very interesting I-Spy Quilt. you could make them look for 2 items in the quilt to match??? hummm

Marrianna said...

Okay, you got me at the sorting photos and sorting fabrics. Then you followed up with the photos of the small blocks of half-square triangles. WOW! Beautiful and way more fun than sorting photos. I think I just might do some small half-square triangles and build a stack to maybe use in a quilt, or not. Maybe it is the "process" I enjoy the most. Can't tell. Anyway, thank you for posting and connecting to Fabric Tuesday #270. I found everybody on Bloglovin and am enjoying new blogs to follow. Much appreciated.
Flagstaff AZ