Thursday, May 12, 2016


Yes, I really must stop making tops.  They are starting to pile up in the basket of ones that need quilted.  I've never been much of a machine quilter; so, consequently, I've never really learned.  Until arthritis, bad eyesight, and old age set in; I always thoroughly enjoyed hand quilting and would like to continue, but it is a slow go!
At any rate ----- here is the latest top finished:
Sixty-three little medallions in a 'strippy set'.

I had been wanting to use some of Moda's Grunge fabrics as I think the colors are scrumptious and I love the slight variation of pattern.  So I used a navy blue and a teal from Moda for the setting strips.  Also, I'm enamored with the name, grunge.  That sent me on a long internet search; and as expected, it led me to all of the Grunge Bands of the 1980s.  But, I was looking back further than that, and found nothing.  When I was in college in the 1950s, we would call our outdoor, hiking clothes "grungies".  We would wear our "grungies" to go on "woodsies" in the Colorado mountains.  Is anyone else that old and remembers that word?
Just a little off-subject------

I really do love this quilt, and want to hand-quilt it.
This is the wild fabric I have chosen for the backing.
So, hopefully, after the month of May quiets down; I can get it basted and sit in front of the air conditioner this summer and hand quilt.  No more "woodsies" in my "grungies" for me.  This is as wild as I get.

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Elaine M said...

Love you quilt and will look lovely when finished. The aqua is perfect. Yes, I remember "grunge".

Lynn said...

That looks wonderful, the squares just come to life with the sashing colours. Will look marvellous hand quilted - all the best with that.

Anonymous said...

=) Old enough. That's a wonderful quilt. You need a longarm, or a midarm, or a friend next door who has one and would rather quilt than piece. You could work out a deal. =)

Kate said...

Beautiful medallion blocks! The navy and teal were inspired choices, it's a gorgeous quilt.

Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

I love the look of hand quilted quilts. This is a lovely quilt and will be a wonderful summer project to work on! Thanks for sharing this on Main Crush Monday. :)

Angie in SoCal said...

Alas, I have arthritis in the hands also, and I know that my hand sewing days will be history soon. Right now, I have to sew/quilt only 15 minutes and then rest my hands. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone.

Danice said...

Such a beautiful quilt top. Yes, getting quite a few not-quilted-yet tops can pile up quickly, lo0l. 'Know what you mean. Ah, hand quilting is so nice but I usually turn to the machine. I admire your style so much.

Karen said...

Very pretty quilt. Congratulations on a finish.

Lisa J. said...

Beautiful quilt! I love those blues.