Monday, February 18, 2019


After Christmas we undertook a major move-around in our house.  Sixteen years ago, we moved my original sewing room into another bedroom to allow my family to have a larger space when they came home to roost for 3 months.  And ---- we never moved things back around.  I decided I wanted my old larger space back as it has wonderful north light.  One thing leads to another.  After the month of January and lots of muscle and painting, I'm back ---- it's wonderful --- what took us so long?

I now have my computer in the sewing room; my husband has his own computer and library room; and we have a dedicated guest room (although much smaller than previous).

Since I had two months without sewing, I kind of lost my quilting momentum.  I did finish this top this week; and readied it for some machine quilting.
BUT, I'm not sure I want to quilt it right now.
I'm itching to get into my wool stash, and start a wool applique.

I'm awaiting a surgery date on March 18th --- nothing too serious, but important enough to spend a couple of days in the hospital.  Maybe, my mojo will return after that!!

Do you ever lose your momentum?

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Robin said...

I have lost my momentum numerous times. I just need a little break and a clean sewing space - and then it comes right back. Sometimes I just go through my stash, a box at a time, and it kindles a spark of creativity.